Family Empowerment




The impact of Drug and Alcohol and/or Mental Health issues on individual family members and the family as a whole is significant and often includes; theft, violence, manipulation, isolation, judgement, conflict, stress, lack of trust and financial strain.
Because of their caring role and connection to their loved one, family members often experience a range of emotions such as; powerlessness, feeling tired or drained, unsupported, anxious, guilty, fearful, frustrated, confused, tense and lonely
Life is complicated, chaotic and involves a lot of uncertainty – especially for families impacted by a loved one’s Drug and Alcohol use and/or Mental Health issues.
This is a road that a lot of families have been on for many years and there comes a time when they realise that something else might need to be done.
The First Floor Program focuses on equipping families to cope, make changes and become empowered in their journey – whatever that journey looks like.
We work with families on their own recovery and empowerment. Recovery is about whole of life changes, not just for your loved one but for the family as a whole. It is about feeling empowered enough to grow beyond simply trying to manage the problems associated with the Drug and Alcohol use. It is about social and emotional well-being and growth. It is about flourishing – not just surviving.
This can help families to stay safe and well while providing their loved one with the best possible support, working towards recovery together.
“Initially i couldn’t believe it – I thought that this just doesn’t happen in our family. I think i was very disappointed because you want the best for your children”
FFP Family Member
“Empowerment means that we have control of our own life now, regardless of what happens with our son, we control our life. We have good relationships with our other children and family members and we don’t distance ourselves anymore”
FFP Family Member
“It’s a process. You learn, you put things in place, some things work, some things don’t. And you start to see that you have have a strength and you can draw on that and you’ve got people that understand and know where you are coming from. You can draw on that support. It really helps you through the difficult times”
FFP Family Member