Our life presents us with an array of challenges, stressful events and difficulties. Because of this, it is important to find opportunities to sit with ourselves,  to get in touch and develop the carefree and peaceful space that exists within everyone. 
Art is a helpful way to create this space because sometimes it is difficult to find the words to describe our experience.
Our weekly Art For Healing group uses the creative process – drawing, painting, collage, sculpture among others – to explore and express emotions, thoughts, memories and ideas.
Artistic ability is not required to participate and benefit from Art For Healing as the focus is on the creative process rather than the finished product as a work of art.  Art For Healing provides a safe space to visually explore feelings and thoughts which might otherwise be difficult to express verbally or understand.
Find out more here:  A4H Brochure
Art For Healing is about the process of being creative, of enjoying the experience and sitting with others – not about the finished product.
Art For Healing is more about the work of art that is our life.